Me and Anthony Hall collaborated to organise an excursion to Middlewood Trust, a permaculture and ecological study centre in ancient woodlands in Lancashire. We wanted to test out some ideas we were both exploring around perception and nighttime. Come dusk we led a walk through the woods, with some participants wearing my ‘Night Vision Training Device’ on their heads, while others wore Tony’s ping-pong ball hemispheres (an extension of the ganzfeld experiment) over their eyes. 


The idea with my device is that the wearer enhances their peripheral vision and therefore their night vision. In response to this, Tony’s device does the opposite, by blocking all detail from all but the very centre of the wearer’s vision. 


We ended the walk in a meadow where we joined writer Daniel James for an exercise in snail watching, where we simply found a snail and observed it for an extended period of time.

IMG_1210 IMG_1216